February 22 @ 7.30pm
Brunswick Beethoven Festival


Join us as we return to the Brunswick Beethoven Festival, founded by living treasure Sergio di Pieri. We’re delighted to be closing the festival with Beethoven’s late E flat trio, alongside the seductive piano trio by Spaniard Gaspar Casado, and Sunny Clapp’s Girl of My Dreams, artfully arranged by our pianist/composer Benjamin Martin.


Make a Saturday night of it with dinner at one of Brunswick’s inner-city eateries.

February 22 @ 7.30pm, Brunswick Uniting Church.

Tickets are $30 / $25 / $20 


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"Paul Schoenfield’s jazz and honky-tonk splashed Café Music delivers a dizzying dose of 1920s and 1930s swing in its outer movements and the gentle amble of folk and spiritual traditions in its lyrical middle. The chomping finale saw Firebird crank up another notch, sweeping and sparkling through this unabashedly optimistic work with the sort of abandon only a supremely disciplined ensemble can get away with."
.... Eamonn Kelly - The Australian
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